Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM Lens


EF Mount L-Series Lens
Aperture Range: f/4-32
Fluorite Optics for Sharper Images
Three Mode Optical Image Stabilization
Ultrasonic Autofocus Motor
Power Focus Mode and Focus Preset
Manual Focus Override
Dustproof and Moisture Proof Sealing
Magnesium/Titanium for Lighter Weight
Attachment Slot for Wire-type Lock

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The EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM Lens from Canon has all the upgrades needed to make it the go-to super long telephoto lens for professional?photographers and anyone who has the highest standards for the gear they use.

Using the three mode Optical Image Stabilization allows you to shoot at shutter speeds 4 stops slower, and the advanced third IS mode activates only when the shutter button is fully pressed, so you can pan with fast-moving subjects without the IS function interfering with composition and framing. An ultrasonic autofocus motor (USM) enables smooth, fast and quiet autofocus and a Power Focus mode allows smooth focus change which is especially important?while shooting video. A focus preset function allows you to store focusing positions and return to them in an instant when needed. An AF stop button will pause autofocus with just a touch and manual focus override allows precise manual focus even in AF mode.

Image sharpness is enhanced with fluorite optics that deliver reduced chromatic aberration and SWC (Subwavelength Structure Coating) reduces flare and ghosting. A circular aperture design helps to produce pleasing out of focus areas.

Dust and water sealing keeps the lens functioning even in less than ideal conditions and?magnesium and titanium construction elements make it lighter than its predecessor. Flourine coating on the front and rear lens surfaces allows dirt to be removed easily and?an attachment slot is provided for a wire-type security lock. The EF 500mm f/4L is compatible with Canon?s EF1.4x III and EF2x III extenders and this lens includes a lens hood, 52mm drop-in gelatin filter holder, a detachable?tripod collar?and a hard travel case.

Fluorite optics for sharper images and less chromatic aberration.
Lighter weight due to magnesium and titanium construction elements.
Three IS (Image Stabilization) modes offer a 4-stop shutter speed advantage.
Advanced image stabilization Mode 3 activates only when shutter button is fully pressed, allowing for panning to follow fast-moving subjects.
Ultrasonic autofocus motor and inner focus system enable fast, smooth and silent AF action.
Power Focus mode allows smooth focus change when shooting video.
Focus preset allows you to establish focus points and return to them quickly when needed.
Focusing distance range can be selected with a switch on the lens barrel. By setting a suitable focusing distance range, actual autofocus time can be shortened. The two focusing ranges are 12.14 ? 32.81? and 32.81? to infinity.
An AF Stop Button allows you to immediately pause autofocus action with a touch of a button on the lens barrel.
Dust and water sealing for shooting in the most challenging environments.
Detachable lens hood, a detachable, rotatable tripod collar, drop-in gelatin filter holder with glass filter and hard travel case are supplied with the 500mm f/4L lens.

Package Weight
24.75 lbs

Package Dimensions
27.4 x 16.4 x 15.5 in

Tripod Collar
Yes Removable ? rotating

Maximum: f/4 Minimum: f/32

Maximum Reproduction Ratio

Dimensions (DxL)
Approx. 5.75 x 15.08? (146 x 383 mm)

Package Weight
24.75 lb

Camera Mount Type
Canon EF




Angle of View

Filter Thread
Rear:52 mm

Minimum Focus Distance
12.14? (3.7 m)

Diaphragm Blades

7.03 lb (3.19 kg)

Image Stabilization

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
27.4 x 16.4 x 15.5?

Format Compatibility
35mm Film / Full-Frame Digital Sensor Canon (APS-C)

Focal Length

Lens Type


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