Zoom APH-4nPro Accessory Pack for H4n Pro


For Use with H4n Pro Handy Recorder
Facilitates Use with DSLRs
Includes Windscreen
Includes Splitter Cable
Includes USB Cable
Includes AD-14 AC Adapter


The Zoom APH-4nPro Accessory Pack is designed to expand the usability of the H4n Pro Handy Recorder. Among other uses, it is intended to facilitate a greater connectivity with DSLR cameras. The pack includes an AC adapter for maintaining power during long recording sessions, a windscreen for reducing wind noise in the elements, a USB cable for connecting to Mac and Windows computers, a splitter cable to allow for monitoring on two headphones, and an attenuating cable for connecting the line output of the H4n Pro to the microphone input of a DSLR.

Package Weight
0.7 lbs

Package Dimensions
7.6 x 5.6 x 3.0 in


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