Zoom PCF-8 Protective Case For F8 and F4 Field Recorders


Side Openings for XLR/TRS Cable Input
Detachable, Water-Resistant Cover
Clear Window for Visual Monitoring
Adjustable Strap & Shoulder Pad
Inner Divider Doubles as Table for F8
Front & Side Pockets for Extra Storage
Removable Panel to Access Rear of F8


The Zoom PCF-8 is a custom-tailored protective carry case for the F8 and F4 professional field recorders. The case is ideal for comfortably carrying your F8 and other gear, both out in the field, and indoors. The lightweight and versatile bag offers top, side, and bottom access to the unit, and with water-resistant construction and a removable clear-windowed cover, you can keep an eye on the F8 screen without the risk of getting it wet or covered in dust.
Drawstring sleeves on the sides allow you to access the F8?s inputs and outputs while protecting them from the elements. You can keep accessories and connectors in the zippered front pouch and side pockets while storing mics and cables in the main compartment. The bottom of the F8 is accessible through a hook-and-loop fastener flap underneath the bag, which can also be configured for additional cable routing.
The PCF-8 includes adjustable dividers that allow you to customize your bag to your workflow. The main divider can be pulled out and inserted sideways, allowing you to work with the F8 on a table-like surface. Adjustable straps and three latch hooks per side allow you to comfortably carry the recorder on long shoots and roving sessions.

Side openings with drawstring for XLR/TRS cable input and protection
Detachable, water-resistant cover with clear window for visual monitoring, plus inlay opening for personal notes
Adjustable strap and shoulder pad combined with three latch hooks per side for a customized carry position
Hook-and-loop fastener inner divider which is removable to open up space or use as a table surface for F8 unit
Front and side pockets for extra storage
Removable bottom panel to access rear of F8 unit (BNC Time Code connectors, removable AA battery pack,

and Zoom mic capsule input)

Package Weight
2.75 lbs

Package Dimensions
11.5 x 10.5 x 6.4 in

10.6 x 9.4 x 6.3? / 270.0 x 240.0 x 160.0 mm

30.3 oz / 860.0 g


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